The use of instant drug testing cup devices is one of the most popular and effective methods of drug testing. In fact, the urine drug test is used by a majority of employers for their pre-employment screening and random drug testing.

As a hiring manager or employer, you should be familiar with these devices and how they are used to check if an employee or job candidate is using prohibited drugs. Drug tests are becoming a norm in this generation and perhaps beyond because drug and alcohol abuse continues to be an ongoing issue in our society. 

According to a 2017 National survey on drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 19.7 million Americans aged 12 or older had a substance use disorder related to their use of alcohol or prohibited drugs.  

A good urine drug test begins with choosing the appropriate urine screening cup device, collecting specimens, and excellent interpretation of results. 

Here’s a step-by-step process of doing a urine drug test:

1. Find the Control and Test Regions

Each drug test cup has a Control Region marked “C” at the upper portion and a Test Region marked “T” just below the control region. The two regions are indicators of two different things. The control region tells you if the test is working while the test region indicates whether the person you are testing is using drugs that the test can detect.

2. Obtain a Sample

Many employers prefer a multi-drug screen kit to make sure that a majority of prohibited drugs are detected. We recommend the use of multi-drug test cups such as 5 – 14 Panel devices with adulterant detection capabilities because of their ability to detect many drugs in a single test. 

The test begins with the subject of the test asked to urinate into the sample cup. The subject must put the appropriate volume of urine into the testing cup to ensure the accuracy of test results.

3. Read the Result after Designated Time Period

One of the advantages of using drug testing cups is their ability to yield results fast. Drug test cups can give results in a matter of minutes after the sample is collected. 

4. Interpret the Meaning of Colored Lines

A typical drug testing cup has two regions, the Test Region in the lower level of the cup and the Control Region in the upper level. 

As you start reading the result, be sure that a colored line appears in the Control Region. It is an indication that the test is valid. The absence of a colored line in the Control Region means the test isn’t valid and must be repeated.

If a colored line appears both in the Test Region  and Control Region, the owner of the sample is negative of illegal drugs. But if a colored line appears in the control region and no colored line is visible in the Test Region, the test result is positive and may be used as the basis of any action you will take against an employee or job candidate. 

How to Prevent Sample Adulteration

Samples can easily get adulterated without proper control of the collection process. Improper or loose control can also encourage drug users to submit fake samples. To prevent sample adulteration, a drug testing coordinator may observe this procedure: 

  1. Place a secure box outside the testing area where donors can place their personal items. This can help to prevent donors from bringing in items that contain adulterants or outside specimens etc.
  2. If you are planning to conduct a random drug test in your workplace, avoid making scheduled announcements about them taking place in the future.
  3. Monitor the time donors spend inside the collection site. A prolonged stay in the bathroom for example could signal a problem or an attempt to adulterate. 
  4. Inspect the restroom and clear it from potential adulterants like soap, etc.
  5. Consider on-site collection to deter donors from cheating to falsify their test results. 

Does Urine Temperature Matter?

The temperature of urine samples submitted for drug testing is important. It is a critical factor that helps to determine that the specimen is fresh and it came from the person asked to take the test. 

The temperature of fresh urine is typically 94°F to 96°F. But it can change due to exposure or other factors such as room temperature. For drug screening purposes, a temperature range of  90-100°F is acceptable. Any temperature outside of this range shouldn’t be accepted as it may have been tampered with.

How to Interpret Thermometer Readings in Urine Drug Test Cups 

Urine drug test cups come with a self-adhesive thermometer strip with color-based indicators that allow you to determine the temperature of the sample.  

  1. An indicator that depicts the temperature of the urine sample usually appears within four to five minutes after the specimen is placed on the cup. 
  2. The color green indicates that the reading depicts the actual and normal temperature of the sample which is 94°F to 96°F. 

     3. The color blue indicates that the reading depicts a temperature that is lower than the actual and normal temperature. To determine the           temperature, add one degree F or 0.5 degree C from where the indicator illuminates.

  1. The color tan or brown indicates that the temperature is higher than the actual and normal temperature of the sample. Determine its temperature by subtracting one degree F or 0.5 degree C from the temperature being lighted. 

You may also read the instruction manual that comes with the drug test cup to ensure that you’re using it correctly. It can certainly help you to get accurate results.

Urine drug tests is the simplest and one of the cheapest ways to detect many illicit substances such as:

  • Prescription opiates
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Ecstasy
  • Methamphetamines, Oxy, and many more substances

Urine drug screening is an effective way to identify drug abusers. You can use it in a lot of different settings including places of work and business, schools and even homes. 

A urine drug test cup provides accurate results as long as it is performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. And the best way to get reliable results is to have your tests performed by experienced professionals like us.

Call a drug testing coordinator at (321) 725-0009 for a seamless, reliable and efficient drug test. We commit to make your workplace sober and drug-free.


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