Advanced Science, Accelerated Results is your leading provider of drug-free workplace programs using hair drug test kits to deter current and future employees of illegal drug use.

The cost of administering hair drug testing is minute compared to the loss of productivity, work related accidents, theft potential, and high turnover rate concerning employees with drug abuse issues.

Advantages of Hair Sample Drug Tests

A hair specimen can be collected at virtually any location, making this method a quick and convenient option.

Drug testing using hair is a non-invasive test that provides up to a 90-day detection window of drug use for the five most commonly abused illegal drugs. A larger detection window provides more evidence of pattern based drug use.

Hair samples are less likely to be adulterated or manipulated vs most other detection methods.

Positive rates are known to be higher using hair drug testing vs saliva or urine samples.

Lower cases of workers’ compensation claims and insurance claim expenses due to drug use by employees.

More substances of abuse can be detected using hair testing vs other methods.


Analysis is performed by FDA compliant labs.

Strict chain-of-custody procedures are followed for hair sample collection.

Medical Review Officers review laboratory tested positive results.

Ensure the safety and productivity of your workplace. Hire a dependable hair follicle drug test center to provide kits and analysis!

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