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Whether you are a small business or large corporation, drug testing should be a critical component of your pre-employment screening process. Filtering out and eliminating potential bad hires will save your business time and money. will create a custom pre-employment drug testing program that meets and exceeds your company’s expectations while following your policy and compliance requirements.

Advantages of Pre-Employment
Drug Testing

Drug testing helps to maintain a safe work environment when hiring new employees. Drugs can affect judgement and aggression often associated with workplace confrontations and violence.

Reduce the cost and risks of potential employees under the influence of drugs being held liable for an accident that could cost your business millions.

Listing pre-employment drug testing as a requirement on a job application can deter drug users from applying for the job – saving you money by eliminating the cost of fully screening an applicant.

Reduce employee turnover through eliminating drug abusing applicants who may have an escalated rate of workplace incidents resulting in termination.

Methods of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Urine Testing:
This method is used most frequently by employers with regulated and non-regulated employees. It is part of a streamlined and consistent testing program that is cost effective and efficient. This is the only method that is approved for federally mandated drug testing.

Oral Fluid Testing:
This method is becoming more popular for employers who seek an observed collection process that helps to eliminate applicants trying to cheat the process. Time and cost reduction are also attractive benefits to this method.

Hair Sample Testing:
This method is used when employers want to avoid hiring applicants who have a lengthy history of drug use. Hair testing can detect drug use for up to a 90 day window prior to the test. Many applicants may be able to suspend drug use for short periods of time and may pass other test methods with shorter detection windows.

How Pre-Employment Drug Testing Works

A pre-employment drug test is performed:

  • as part of the application process before an offer of employment is made;
  • as part of the hiring process after an offer of employment is made, but before hiring actually occurs (a so-called “conditional offer of employment”); and
  • occurring sometime soon after the individual begins work, but passing the drug test is made a condition of employment (i.e., even though the individual is already working, his or her hiring will not become final unless the individual passes the required drug test).

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Services offers a full suite of pre-employment drug testing services for our clients, from Rapid Results urine drug tests to the DOT drug screening and more.

In addition to the Federally-mandated (SAMHSA/DOT) 5-drug panel, provides a range of test panels and cut-off levels.

Hiring a new employee is a risk for any company, due to liability and insurance issues. Make sure you are hiring the right personnel by using’s pre-employment drug tests.

Once hired, we also test employees for Safety-Sensitive, Post Accident, and Rehabilitation screening. We take the risk out of the equation, and allow your company the ability to focus on the myriad issues inherent to your business.

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