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Random employee drug testing involves computer-generated selection from the current workforce of a company. The workplace will have an equal chance of getting tested without prior notice and a given schedule.

Indeed, random drug testing in the workplace is an effective way to deter employee’s drug use within the organization. And it is not the only advantage the company could get from implementing random drug testing in the workplace. There are other benefits it can guarantee, such as the following:

Safer Workplace

A study revealed that employees who use illicit drugs in the workplace are more likely to commit mistakes that could result in work-related accidents, particularly for industries with safety-sensitive jobs such as driving vehicles, operating heavy machinery, and so on. Enforcing random drug testing will undoubtedly identify which employees can handle safety-sensitive tasks, thus creating a safer working environment.

Healthier Work Environment

Drug abuse comes with a handful of health risks like an opioid overdose. A data in 2018 shows that 128 people die after overdosing in opioids every day in the United States. This alarming fact profoundly affects the economy with a $78.5 billion loss a year. With this understanding, the organization can relay to its employees the importance of living a drug-free life through a drug-testing program.  

Stable workplace

Some of the negative implications of employee drug abuse are absenteeism, tardiness, and a higher turnover rate. Having a comprehensive drug-testing program in place will eliminate these employee’s performance problems, therefore creating a more stable workplace for everyone.

Reduce employee turnover

The company might be inclined to terminate employees who have lousy working performance due to drug abuse. It could result in unnecessary recruitment and training costs due to the high employee turnover rate. But with an effective drug testing policy, these things can be avoided.

Reduce possible legal liability

The law allows compensation claims by employees in case they get injured on site. However, the company can reverse this claim if the said employee were under the influence of illicit drugs.

Non-invasive sampling method

Depending on the management’s goal, they have the liberty to choose what sampling method they want to use. There are other non-invasive sampling methods aside from blood samplings, such as oral saliva swabs or urine samples. 

Better productivity

Being productive at work means sustainable business for everyone. And one way to ensure that employees deliver desirable working results is by creating a drug-free working environment that could be achieved through random employee drug testing. 

Helps employees with drug problems

Implementation of drug testing policy at work also means an opportunity to offer a helping hand for the employees who turned out to be positive in using illicit drugs. Most drug testing programs have comprehensive rehabilitation for their employees who needs aid. 

Reduce health insurance costs

Drug abuse among the workforce reaps adverse outcomes that will severely affect both employees and employers. But having a drug-free workplace means preventing unnecessary expenses such as employee’s health insurance.

Improve staff morale

Lastly, a drug-free workplace translates an overall healthy and safe working environment, thus boosting employee morale which in turn benefits both the employer and those who serve within it.

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