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If you are an employer who is pondering drug testing your staff on a regular basis? It would be worthwhile to understand more about the 5-panel drug test. 

The 5 panel urine drug test cup is one of the most prevalent drug-testing choices in the workplace: it’s a rapid, non-invasive test for employees and future employees, and it’s inexpensive.

All of the alternatives accessible to companies considering creating their first drug testing program might be overwhelming.

We at the Drug Testing Coordinator are here to help companies understand the options and establish a program with our 5-panel drug test.

This diagnostic panel uses a single specimen to screen for five substances, as the name implies. This panel has some history and evidence to back up why it’s the most often used drug test in the workplace.

What exactly is a five-panel drug test?

This testing panel was established in the 1980s in response to Nixon-era drug testing laws for returning US servicemen from the Vietnam War. The panel has a long history of following the federal government’s drug testing guidelines, and it is based on the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. 

The legislation consolidated all previous federal drug prohibitions into a single law, classifying medications according to their abuse risk and medicinal advantages.

Since they are quick, efficient, and only test five of the most often used drugs, 5-panel drug tests are commonly used in the workplace. 

A urine drug test is frequently used to screen for marijuana, PCP, amphetamines, cocaine, and opiates use. This exam is appropriate for usage in most businesses and will satisfy most company requirements. It also allows for a quick turnaround, which benefits all parties involved.

When your workers come for the exam, they will be instructed to empty their pockets and store their possessions in a safe area by a member of staff. They will deliver a urine sample in a private location and hand over their cup to a member of staff. Employees will be permitted to depart after signing the relevant documentation and permission documents.

How Long Do the Results of a 5-Panel Drug Test Take?

You may receive findings within three business days if your employee’s tests were clean, meaning all results were negative or even the same day with some instant tests that are available today. 

If the test yielded a positive result, you’ll have to wait a little longer since the lab may do a second test on the patient’s urine to ensure that the positive is genuine. If this is necessary, you may see results in as little as five business days.

Employer advantages of 5-panel drug testing include:

  • Low price
  • Simple to follow
  • Quick outcomes
  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly
  • Detects numerous drugs at the same time
  • Simple to store and extremely accurate


The advantages of 5 panel drug tests ensure that the atmosphere in which your workers operate is safe, and it is a sensible method to increase worker productivity. 

Testing is rapid, effective, inexpensive, and simple to do. You’ll be able to keep track of any drug addictions that develop if you test on a frequent basis. And reap the benefits of possibly negative outcomes for your company.

To enjoy the benefits of the 5 panel urine drug test cup, send a message now!

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