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Substance abuse in the workplace impacts businesses negatively. Don’t let drug-users compromise your business in any way and keep drug-using employees at bay. Drug abusing employees are 2.5 times more likely to engage in absenteeism, spend five times the days in the hospital, and their health care costs are 8.7 times more expensive.

Here are several proven steps taken by many companies all over the country to ensure a drug-free workplace:

Develop A Written Policy

Strictly implement your establishment’s written policies outlining the acceptable behavior and highlighting the consequences of an offense. The substance abuse policy should not only meet the needs of your company, but also be in strict accordance with Federal and State regulations.

Educate Your Employees

New hires should learn about your drug-free work policy, and older employees should be made aware of any changes made to it as the are implemented. All of your employees are subject to the rules and disciplinary measures stated in the policy and are therefore expected to conform and adhere to these rules. It is your obligation, as an employer, to explain these policies to your employees.

Employee education can come in the form of practical training, personal coaching, and periodic meetings that check not only on their work performance, but also their personal health. As an employer, you should be looking after the welfare of all of your employees.

Implement Random Drug Testing

It is to your advantage to implement random drug testing in the workplace and follow through with it. Because a positive drug test result leads to the termination of their job contract, a random employee drug testing program effectively deters your workers from engaging in substance abuse.

Boost productivity in the workplace by giving all of your employees a safe space to do their jobs. Establishing a drug-free space takes time and effort—and consistently implementing strict drug-free workplace policies may help your organization avoid extra costs.

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