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Hiring companies require applicants to undergo pre-employment drug testing to ensure they have law-abiding employees. Not all companies are required by the law to secure their newly hired employees passed the pre-employment drug testing. However, companies in the transportation and other safety-sensitive industries are required to conduct mandatory drug testing.

What is Pre-employment Drug Testing?

Pre-employment drug tests help determine if a potential employee has, at any given time, been abusing prescription medication or using illicit substances. It is also the procedure used for a current employee returning to work from a long-time absence.

As part of the hiring process, pre-employment drug testing is usually conducted last to detect these illegal drugs: methamphetamines, THC, cocaine, opiates, and phencyclidine.

Each state has different laws on pre-employment drug testing, but generally, the best practices and guidelines for pre-employment drug testing include:

  • Full knowledge of the applicant being subjected to drug testing as part of the recruitment process.
  • All applicants with the same job must take the same type of drug tests.
  • All drug tests must be conducted at a state-certified laboratory.

When in doubt, companies must seek legal counsel to clarify relevant state regulations.

Importance of Pre-employment Drug Testing

It is very crucial to screen applicants for using illegal substances to mitigate productivity loss, direct medical costs, increased health costs, absenteeism, employee turnovers, and other drug-related risks. It is a way for businesses to ensure that in the early stages of acquiring new talent, they have established the foundations of a drug-free workplace.

With a drug-free work environment, businesses can maintain productivity, save money, and avoid the legal repercussions.

Why Outsource?

Some businesses have in-house medical personnel to conduct pre-employment drug testing. However, many opt to outsource this procedure to workplace drug testing companies for these reasons:

Promotes Employee Privacy

When drug testing is done internally, conflict of interests may arise. In outsourced pre-employment drug tests, non-insiders who facilitate the procedure are expected to handle the situation professionally without bias and other motives. Transparency, honesty, and reliability are very important for third-party drug screening companies.

HIPAA compliant

HIPPA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 protects the privacy and security of health information. Drug test results are also covered by this law and need to be implemented by the employers. Trusted workplace drug testing companies strictly adhere to these regulations and laws.

Reduces cost

When your pre-employment drug testing is outsourced, you get significant medical cost savings. Outsourcing is more economical than creating your own in-house medical team; employers are required to spend for their regular employment salary, overtime, and other benefits.

Lab work and legitimate results

Drug testing needs to be done inside a certified laboratory. Unless the company has its medical lab and nurses, outsourcing the procedure to a third-party vendor is a cost-effective move. It also ensures the accuracy of the drug test results.

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