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We all know the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace, but surprisingly not all employers conduct drug screening for their current and potential employees. According to the 2011 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Drug Testing Efficacy Poll, more than 40% of employers did not perform pre-employment drug testing, while 64% did not test their current employees.

Some employers do not outsource service from corporate drug testing companies because it is perceived as too costly. Still, with the potential dangers of drug abuse in the workplace, it is better to think again. Substance abuse in the workplace can impair work performance, threaten public safety, and even risk their safety. As a result, expensive problems occur, such as lost productivity, higher employee turnover, and an increase in health insurance claims.

Why is the drug-free workplace program important?

Many people think that things like equipment and product constitute an office environment, but what makes an organization run is the workforce behind it. That’s why having a drug-free workplace is crucial in maintaining secure and productive employees. It can mitigate the risks and dangers that come with drug abuse.

What is drug screening?

Among many other components of an effective drug-free workplace program, drug screening is an inexpensive and easy way to protect your organization from the harmful effects of illicit substance abuse. Drug testing Melbourne FL is a deterrent and prevention method that detects illegal or certain prescription drugs.

What are the types of drug screening and how are they carried out?

To effectively carry out the drug test that suits the company’s needs, it is best if the employer is aware of the different corporate drug testing companies’ methods available. Here are some of the approaches to detect illicit drug abuse among your current and potential employees.

  • Urine Drug Testing. It is the most convenient, standard, and inexpensive way to determine if a person uses illegal drugs. Whatever substance a person ingested in his body will produce metabolites that will excrete in the body as urine. Urine drug testing Melbourne FL can detect traces of immunoassays, thin layer chromatography, mass spectrometry, and gas spectrometry. 
  • Saliva Testing. Compared to urine testing, saliva testing is less invasive. However, saliva testing can only detect the most recent use of drugs. Some reports state that it can identify cannabinoids if the subject smoked cannabis 4-10 hours before the test,
  • Blood Testing. It is the most accurate method since it detects the amount of illicit drug present in the subject’s blood.
  • Hair Testing. Since hair can filter and keep the drug metabolites, it serves as a permanent record of a person’s drug use. However, many people object to this method since hair testing can still be positive even with no use of an illegal drug for months. 
  • Perspiration Testing. It uses a sweat patch affixed to the skin for 14 days, which can detect drug excretes through perspiration. This method is commonly used to monitor people who are on probation or with a child custody case. 

For a drug-free workplace, implement a drug testing program. Contact for information.

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