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As an employer, you need to ensure that your employees can produce a clean drug test. If an employee is found with drugs in their system after a drug test, there will be serious consequences. Employees will face disciplinary actions and can even be fired. It is important for you as an employer to support your employees during the corporate drug screening process. Here are some ways that employers can support their workers so they do not feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Acknowledge that there may be a drug problem in the workplace.

If employers do not acknowledge a possible drug problem in the workplace, it could lead to employees feeling isolated and increasing their stress levels even more. It may be difficult for you as an employer to approach your employees about this issue but if you have a supportive, open culture in your workplace then employees will be more likely to feel comfortable approaching you with their concerns. Find employee drug screening services that have the best solutions in addressing these problems in your workplace.

Offer assistance to those who need it.

If an employee feels like they cannot pass the workplace drug test they need to know that there are professionals and programs available to help them. There may be a program in your area that can assist employees who have an addiction or substance abuse problem. 

If someone has a problem, they need to seek help from professionals who can teach them healthy coping mechanisms. Employers also have a role in this process, they can assist employees by offering them places of employment that are drug-free. This will help the employee recover and reintegrate into society without feeling like they cannot hold down a job because of their addiction or substance abuse problem. 

Invest in mental health services.

If you think that your employees may benefit from professional counseling, consider investing in mental health services for them. This will help reduce the drug problem in the workplace and it will also boost employee morale to see their employer taking an active role in supporting them through this difficult time. 

Be patient.

It is also important for employers to be patient with their employees who are struggling. If an employee has failed a workplace drug test, they may not feel like themselves and it will take time for them to recover from the situation. It would be beneficial if you give your workers some space, let them know that there is support available to them and that you are there if they need assistance.


Progressive discipline may be necessary for employees who have failed corporate drug screening but it is important to keep in mind how difficult the situation can be for your workers. The right employee drug screening services will ensure your employees are not left feeling isolated or confused about what will happen. It would be beneficial if employers communicated this process to their employees so they can foster growth and professional development in the workplace.

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