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Random and Pre-Employment Drug Testing: Crucial Requirements in the Hiring Process

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Pre-employment drug testing is a way to uncover potential employees who are not a good fit, so employers can refrain from hiring them. The industry and legal standards of employment dictate that employees must be able to not only effectively perform their roles but also ensure a safe and productive place among their co-employees.

Because drug and alcohol use hinder productivity and job performance, and affects employee behavior, companies must adapt a pre-employment drug test program to sort out unfit applicants. 

Similarly, to keep the workplace drug-free at all times, companies also administer random drug testing to their current workforce. Indeed, drug usage among employees is an expensive affair for employers but a drug testing policy in place is a necessary investment.

Here’s what pre-employment or random drug testing can guarantee:

Maintain Productivity

Statistics reveal that workers who abuse drugs are more than 2.5 times more likely to be absent from work. As a result, their productivity suffers and so do their performance results—putting the business at a great disadvantage. Drug testing can effectively discourage applicants and current workers from drug usage; they are therefore better able to perform their duties and deliver the desired results.

Protect the Company from Compensation Claims and Lawsuits

Drug users are also more likely to commit mistakes, injuries, and other work-related accidents than non-users. Compared with healthy, non-drug using employees, it is 3.6 times more probable for drug users to be involved in accidents. Employees who suffer injuries in the workplace are usually entitled to compensation claims. A positive drug test result of the person in question can be used as evidence to void those claims and avoid expensive lawsuits. 

Reduce Employee Turnover

Because of bad working behavior and poor performance, drug-abusing employees are most likely asked to resign or quit their job. Consequently, the company spends more than they should to recruit new replacements. High employee turnover and unnecessary recruitment costs are two of the things a company must avoid, and it can do so by implementing a strict drug testing policy.

Deter Drug Abuse Within the Workforce

A random and pre-employment drug test policy is detrimental to the drug-use habit. Random drug tests, in particular, are not a bother to employees who have nothing to hide but they are highly effective in exposing those who engage in such unacceptable behavior. Employees who fail the random drug testing will be subjected to disciplinary actions or terminated, depending on the company policy. 

Help Drug Users Get Necessary Treatment

Companies and organizations usually have Employee Assistance Programs in place. Some of them mandate that employees with positive drug test results won’t be fired immediately; instead, they will be placed in counseling and education programs. To this end, drug testing not only benefits the company but also the employees who will be urged to give up the habit.

Improve Staff Morale

Companies with pre-employment drug testing programs create a drug-free workplace, which easily translates to a healthy and safe work environment. Strict implementation will boost employee morale, and yield better results. 

When properly administered, a random and pre-employment drug test policy truly pays off! Get the peace of mind you deserve, get in touch with today!

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