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Establishing employee best practices is essential in any work environment. Properly drafted and effectively implemented policies protect the wellbeing of both the employer and employees. Corporate drug screening is one of the tools that can assist HR managers to enforce a drug-free workplace.

Below are the top 12 drug testing tips for HR.

Know why and when to conduct a test.

There are a variety of circumstances under which your company may require a drug test. Typically, it takes place during pre-employment to narrow down the list of candidates. It can also be random where the drug testing is performed unannounced, and everyone gets an equal chance to get tested. There are also other circumstances where drug tests need to be conducted and your HR must be able to delineate who needs to be tested, the reason why and when the testing should happen in any given situation.

Find the right drug testing method.

Determine your company’s specific needs and use it as a guide to know the best drug testing method. Some of the most common methods are urine, oral fluid, hair, or blood testing. Depending on the method or type of drug testing it may drive changes or specific actions throughout your policy and procedures as they relate to drug testing.

Screen for commonly detected substances.

It is highly advisable to use your drug tests to screen commonly detected drugs. However, you can also tailor your drug tests according to other factors such as job type, safety sensitive areas or even whether or not they will be around the general public or a vulnerable population such as patients, the elderly or children.

Know the risks of incomplete drug tests.

Drug use and abuse has increased recently among employed Americans. Absent or incomplete drug testing can result in unnecessary risks in the workplace.

Achieve a more comprehensive screening.

Conduct a more comprehensive drug screening to achieve better, more granular results.

Decide on who will be collecting the drug test specimen.

Decide if you want the drug tests administered and collected at the workplace or a nearby testing facility.

Keep your drug testing policy regularly updated.

It’s a good business practice to ensure your drug testing policy is kept up to date with regular reviews as rules, laws and compliance guidance may change quickly across the country year to year.

Provide training programs to the key personnel in your company.

It’s also important to keep the key personnel in your company updated with any changes in your policies and provide them training so they can identify the early signs of drug abuse in the workplace.

Be transparent.

Make your potential new employees aware of mandatory pre-employment drug testing and random drug testing that could happen once they are employed.

Stay on top of drug testing information.

Read the current trends or any news related to drug testing activities and programs in an effort to stay informed and abreast of changes that may be needed or accounted for. 

Provide reasonable disciplinary action.

Spend the appropriate time to talk through what it means to have a positive or non-negative result within your organization and have a clear and consistent disciplinary protocol to follow should it come to pass.

Partner with the right corporate drug testing companies.

The right drug testing partner can make all the difference. Find a list of corporate drug testing companies that can address the specific needs of your company.  This will save you time, money and frustration later.


Implementing corporate drug screening as a condition of employment is an effective way to hire qualified candidates. With these tips, your HR department will be ahead of the game for substance abuse testing within your organization.

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