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Do you want to know if someone is using illegal drugs? Buying an at home drug test kit can be the easiest solution for that. It’s the easiest way to know if there is a presence of certain substances such as cocaine, opiates, marijuana, and other drugs in a person’s body. But before you purchase one for personal use or your company, there are things you need to consider first especially if you don’t know what you need. More importantly, you need an FDA approved at-home drug test to ensure that it is legitimate.

Below are some questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a home drug test kit.

What type of substance am I testing for?

Different drug test panels can detect different substances. If you are looking for a test that can detect all drugs including cocaine, opiates, and marijuana then you want to buy a more comprehensive drug test kit.

Do I need a quantitative or qualitative test?

A qualitative drug test tells you if a particular drug is present in the specimen. A quantitative test, on the other hand, gives the concentration of a drug in the specimen. For instance, if you want to test for marijuana use, qualitative tests will let you know whether marijuana is present in the specimen. If you want to know how much of it is there, then a quantitative test will be required. A home drug test kit can only perform a qualitative test, so you need to consider this if a quantitative test is what you need.

What is the shelf life of the drug test kit?

Always check on the shelf life of an at home drug test kit before purchasing them, especially if you order online as they can take a while to arrive. Typically a drug test kit expires somewhere between 12-24 months after it is manufactured.

What drug testing method do I want?

With a home drug test, there is an option for urine testing and saliva testing. So before purchasing one, make sure to check the test kit if it is the drug testing method of your choice.

How much am I willing to pay for a drug test?

Home drug test kits are usually cheaper than lab testing.  If budget is a factor you need to consider, a home drug test is more reasonable than sending specimens to a lab for examination.

How soon do I want to know the results?

With home drug tests, you can read the results in just a few minutes! If you want a fast and accurate drug testing method, then purchasing a home drug test kit is the quickest solution.

Is the drug test kit FDA-approved?

Make sure that you are purchasing an FDA approved at home drug test. This means that the drug test kit does not interfere with other substances, is legit, and is safe to use.


Whether it is for personal use or if you want to test your employees, quality drug testing kits are necessary so you can get precise drug test results.  Make sure that before you purchase a drug test kit, you ask the important questions listed above.

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